My Damn Allergies!

Ok, I'm so ******* tired of having so many allergies and my asthma acting up. I am also tired of my osteochondroma hurting, sometimes my joints hurt so badly that I think that I'm having a recurrence of the osteochondroma. Did you know that I'm missing my 8th grade washington, DC and Cedar Point trips

due to all of my allergies? How would you feel to have to wear a surgical mask if you wanted to be outside for long periods of time? How would you feel if you were an outcast from your peers because of the sheer amount of medications and injections you have to take? How would it feel if you were once remotely normal life, now you are excluded from advisory vs. advisory (homeroom) volleyball games, due to the fact that 1. you can't participate, 2. if you try to sit down in a pretzel-legged position, your ******* knees lock! I'm not trying to have a pity party for myself, but it is so hard when you know that 90-95% of your friends are participating in something that you can't. And, if I EVER go somewhere, I'll need to take all my meds, which are:

  • Relafen

  • Advair diskus

  • Singuair

  • Doxycycline

  • Protonix

  • Allign

  • Epi-Pen

  • Alebutrol (inhaler)

  • Alebutrol (nebulizer)

  • Nebulizer (machine)

Would you be sane?

ZwinkyLover ZwinkyLover
26-30, F
Mar 12, 2010