8 Hours Of Non-stop Bullshit...

how do you shut up a coworker? i'm so sick of hearing about the babydaddy, babydaddy's babymama, babydaddys babymamma's other babydaddys!    holy ****  I deserve a copay! oh and there's the new husband, and his babymama, and her babydaddy, etc...    at first i listened and all, but now i am so sick of it! it's not like i don't care, i do. (at least i did)  but when does it ever stop? now, it's "oh i am so broke", "i have to find a ride home", "i have my period,do you have anything" (every month)  yet she seems to have cigarettes and money to buy minutes for her new "husband"      ****! ....how do you shut ME up?

kitten3750 kitten3750
41-45, F
Apr 25, 2010