There's Nothing Keeping Me Sane Any More.

I am sick of my family acting so hard done to. Except for my dad, everyone just complains about their lives constantly, and when I have a problem, I have no-one. My mother just did the "No-one appreciates me" speech. When my sister is upset, she sighs and looks all gloomy until someone notices. She is 20 years old and should know better.
I have all A* targets for my GCSEs (Which isn't anything to moan about) but I am meeting none of them and my teachers keep going on about it. I have a girlfriend who I know is cheating on me bit I'm too much of a coward to finish her. My ex-boyfriend who I love to bits, and who used to be my best friend has practically dumped me so he can get drunk with his brother and a bitchy gay guy in a caravan. He was the only person I could rely on and trust, but now he wont answer his phone and then turns it off when I call him.
I am so lonely because I hate going out and my mum doesn't let anyone in the house. I have a few friends but all of them are losers like me.
xxx Sorry for the rant
Billie <3
billiswow billiswow
Jul 29, 2010