Me And My Life

bear with me, please. im drunk as ****. i've been living with my sister since i was 18. i'm 33, now. you do the math. i hate every second i spend with her. she is such a buzzz kill. i have been thinkng about suicide ever since i moved in with her and her son. her son is alright in my book, but he considers me a his dad, in many ways. that is bullshit. im just some bum who lived off his family, not a role model. but i guess he is like them. he's only 18. he thinks he knows how life is. he just graduated high school, barely. he is a dumbass. but i raised him. my sister was always a drubken butch to him. i let him hide away with me when he was younger.

JasonGreen33 JasonGreen33
31-35, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Do u c now that u were a role model cuz at least u were there?
Have u moved out yet? Still drinking?