Absolutely Pathetic

Like most days,this wasnt a good one.
I`ve been dealing with this numb feeling the whole week, and then friday comes and I remeber I have two days ahead of being lonely.
And then I remeber I`m worthless for everyone, and no one will call to hang out with me, or at least call to ask how I`m doing ,or anything.
I start to hate myself because apparently I`m a worthless piece of ****, and I start to hate everyone becasue I was there for them when they needed me and now they are not here when I need them. And most of all I hate my life.
Yes I cry, a lot. Yes I hurt myself, that`s new.
No one seems to notice,or care.
So yeah, pathetic is the least I can say about my life.
Loser,that`s me.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Would u talk to someone else the way u talk to urself?
It's rude! Stop it!!
I have the same problem of no one to hang with. My 2 supposed best friends turned out to be ******* so I had to cut them from my life. I almost committed suicide over it.
How is ur family life?
You'll find friends. Become someone people will want to hang out with, someone YOU would want to hang out with n it will happen naturally.