Can't I Have Just One Confidence Building Experience?

I just need a break. Just one. Imagine god gives you every single metric tool there is. He gives you full knowledge on how to use them. But every last ******* thing that crosses your path in life has English measurement bolts. The tools don't work, they break things.
Everything I try, goes wrong. Everything I get, I can't use. Everything good and right, I can't appreciate. Nothing. I want to feel good about myself. That's all. I'm tired of being miserable. I'm sick of it. I can't even be screwed up right. Why can't I be the right guy, in the right place, at the right time??? Ever.

The details don't matter. Whatever I want, i see someone else get it. I'm tired of wanting. Please someone do something that boosts my confidence.

"Go out and make good things happen". But I can't do it without self confidence, and i won't get self confidence until I have some good experiences. Catch 22.

I'm tired. I can't sleep, and I'm going nowhere.
GoodTimingNot GoodTimingNot
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I know how you feel - I have ADD on top of anxiety and depression and god knows what else haha. So I have like 900 hobbies and projects on the go that never get done and I always felt like a complete lazy failure. But last month I found a book on procrastination...and I learned something new (imagine that!) about confidence building. It said a lot of kids who have no confidence or self esteem do well after going to Scouts or one of those Bootcamp type outdoor programs - and it's because they learn to complete small, but concrete, goals. It has to be concrete - like building a fire or running 6 miles - so that you can easily remember it when you feel discouraged. And their self-confidence rises because of this. As a person with ADD etc I always want to do huge amazing things and then I quit. But I have started 2013 doing things I have always wanted to do - like take a first aid course and start martial arts. And it really has made me see that I can do something and finish it and now I want to do more! Maybe give that a try? It can't hurt! :)