I'm Tired Of My Life Right Now.

Hi my name is Nolan.. 21 year old. still studying because i'm stupid that i didn't make it to graduate last year and a total failure dude who only wanted a life of my own with my friends who understand me.

well.. what can i say? I'm tired of being myself. always hang out with computer games just to get rid of the painful reality that I'm facing with. my ex-girlfriend dumped me for someone else. I know why.. because i'm not cool, i'm not popular like her current boyfriend, i'm not attractive, i'm not smart, i always failed when i was studying at the university and all damned happened to me. aside from that, my family disappoint me too much. I happened 2 years ago so the pain still grudge to my heart. This was the reason why I always stick to computer games hoping that i forgot all this painful fact.. i can't change my attitude anyway. no one understands me like my ex girlfriend. Tired of being like this. i'm become a pessimist for the rest of my life.

And now, I lost my friendship to someone that i love with.. I love her but she was with someone else already. because of my jealousy, I did stupid thing to her 4 days ago like not being a nice to her. and now i lost her. and i think she will never forgive me anymore.

Being like this with my damned attitude and worthless existence is soo tiring. If i can talk to god in personal. i will ask him many many questions.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

yeah, ull be fine, seeking God is also not a bad idea.......

It does suck for sure. I was somewhat like you at 21. Things just did not work out. I screwed up college, nice girls, family, etc. As the years went by I matured, not easy but I did it. Took a long time too to be centered mentally. Try giving yourself some slack. The best thing you have going for you. Is your age, you can bounce back. You know your issues too. Now you need a strategy to deal with life. Try a counselor of some sorts. To give you guidance, don't tell anyone either. Keep it private, you do not need hassle from anyone. Good luck, you will be fine.