Why Pimples?

I had pimples after i had my period. Now my forehead is full of pimples and it wouldn't get out of my face. I need advice and some experts to tell me how to get rid of my pimples.
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13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

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Grandma's Pure and Natural Lye Soap. Those annoying black spots and pimples on my forehead were nearly gone by the next day. This is day two and I only have two teeny weeny bumps left on my forehead and the dark spots are barely visible anymore. I wash my face with this soap two times a day and I read you can get it from "mom-and-pop" hardware stores. I got my bar of soap from an Ace Hardware Store. I hope this works for you.

When I was your age I had the same problem. Back then there really were no treatments or cures. Medical science has come a long way ... you should be talking to your family physician about this. There is help available out there.