Don't Like It

It hasn't happened for maybe a month on here, but it bothers me when it does. The touchy subject of my age. Well, not touchy exactly. I work with younger women, and love it, except when one of them takes it into her pretty but probably empty little head, to call me an old man. I'm 60, yeah, so what? I'm in damned good shape for my age, and the majority of people think that I'm in my 40s, which is still old for some of the empty-headed. Okay, if I'm older than you, mention it in passing, but don't get downright pissy about it. Don't make fun of me. I'm not making fun of you because your empty-headed. Let me reiterate. Just because someone is younger, I don't consider them stupid. Because I don't. But there are a few around. Not all older people are weak and senile. I know that I'm not. So, can we stop calling each other names and be adult about it all?
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Could be.

I have always been attracted to older men, but have not always been as confident about sharing that information with them. I know that I have called a man "old man" in a teasing way, mostly so I could get a reaction and have some sort of conversation with him. After reading your post, I realize that my comment might not have been received the way I'd meant it, but hopefully my smile and the tone of my voice conveyed my friendliness. Any chance some of the younger wome you work with might be teasing you to get your attention?

I'm very glad that you feel that way.

I've never understood the "ewww, he's so ooooold!" mentality. I respect age. Assuming both are of sound mind and body, I'm much, much more inclined to listen to a 60-year-old man than a 25-year-old man. Older men are much more likely to be men rather than boys. Most "men" my age are nothing of the sort.

I will.

I agree with that.

I agree with that.

Amen to that.

Men are like a find wine. With some feminine training as to what pleases a woman they better and better although a lot them seem to turn to vinegar because they are obsessed with the age thing.

My kind of girl!

Thank you, my dear.

Haha your comment is funny.<br />
When someone making fun of you, tell them they will be 60 too one day.

I hate to tell you this, but I do have three legs. The middle one is shorter though. :)