'I Agree!!!!'

I agree!!!!!! 

Nice to find people like me here.

It takes guts to submit stuff here on EP.  If others don't like our contributions, that's okay, but I don't see the point of them leaving negative remarks about it.

If I don't like people's things, I say nothing, and move on.  I go and look at something else.  If I like that, I'll leave a nice, positive comment.

You achieve f*eck all by sl*agging someone off.  Other than completely depressing that person and spoiling their day.

Sometimes it makes me so mad I feel like sl*agging them back with the nastiest sh*t possible. The only f*ucking reason I don't, is because I am 'stooping to their level'.

But that aside, I'd like to say to alll haters out there, who do this, a big 'f*uck you' for myself and everyone else!

Stop criticising our work.  We didn't ask you to.  Or invite you to.  If you don't like our stuff, move on, skip past it. 

I have always noticed that the complete a*ssholes who do this, never have anything to contribute themselves.  They never put anything up on EP or expose themselves to the risk of criticism!  Cowards!

It's easy to be a critic, but hard to be an artist.

Opinions are like ar*seholes.  Everyone's got one, and they all stink, as they say in England.

Go on, criticise that, you f*ucking waste of space.  Go suck on yer mother's t*it and find your nappy.  Or was that as full of sh*it as you??????

Oh, one last thought; I'd love to know how you would feel if  'the shoe was on the other foot' - and it happened to you, if someone left bad comments on your work!  How would you feel then?  Pr*ick.

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Right on! Isn't the whole point of coming to EP to be among friends who can relate to your experience? I guess the anonynimity just emboldens people to be jerks. Maybe it's up to us to teach them some civility and manners. Yeah, I definately relate to your frustration!

up their hole!

probably... i wonder where their hearts are ;)

well I blew my head off with annoyance on this one, in general, it happens a lot.<br />
<br />
Once I joined a local chat site (not ep) and they were all very cliquey and tried to drive me out with bad remarks. I tried being reasonable but nothing worked. I left eventually.<br />
<br />
When I logged back in to see, they were all b*itchin' and fightin' with each other and attacked anyone with a point of view, (esp a good one).<br />
<br />
I opened a youtube account to upload some funny videos. The very first comment was a spiteful one. Since then, I disabled comments. Unfortunately, this means I can't receive good ones, but it's worth it to me.<br />
<br />
Maybe some of them do it out of pure jealousy.

i agree, these type of people are really mean. dont know whether to feel sad and sorry for them or to get angry with them!!!

too true!<br />
thanks,<br />
<br />
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You are 100% right. If and when you check out these people..yeah..they do nothing but troll and leave their crap behind. I prefer to report a very rude person. Otherwise they believe they are getting away with abuse. No abuse here or in the real world is OK..none.