In Theory, What Is E.P Really For?


E.P is for ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE to express their stories. 

So why go b*itchin at ppl when you disagree?  Why bother doing that? Nothing is achieved by leaving PERSONAL bad remarks.  NOTE that even when you do, I refuse to respond.  It's easier for me to IGNORE you.

I am not on E.P to get into stupid arguments that you started.  That's NOT fun for me.  It's exhausting, and takes up time I want to spend using E.P!

You wanna get personal, that's up to you.  I can hardly STOP you, can I?  But I won't attack YOU back, because I know you are JUST doing it to anger me.  

Does it make you happy, to hear me say:

'I'm angry?!'  'I'm hurt?' 

Is that what you want to hear?  Fine.  You just heard it.  What more d'you want, BLOOD??????? Is it NOT ENOUGH that you see my life has been sh*it enough??!

USUALLY people go to groups that have stories THEY WANT TO HEAR, not at stuff that p*isses them off.  THAT WAY, everyone is happy. It means that sh*it isn't rubbed in their face if they're NOT looking for it.

i.e,  If I don't like stories about GUNS (not true, it's just an example!) what would the point be of me DELIBERATELY going into gun stories and ARGUING with every 'Tom, **** and Harry' on there who loves them?

(I've often stumbled on stories that repulse me, but I DON'T judge and criticise them 4 it.  I respect their 'right to write' and go elsewhere- I wouldn't dream of insulting their work) 

So if you don't like a story I wrote, don't act like I FORCED you to read it, as if I'm PURPOSELY p*issing YOU off .... if it's gonna UPSET you, LEAVE and look at SOMETHING ELSE, problem solved!!!!

Why do you write me sh*it instead, and try arguing with me and bringing me down?  If that's what you're trying to do on purpose then you are a sad f*ucker.  I hope someone does it TO YOU one day you'll think twice about hurting someone's feelings.

BTW, I don't mind admitting, that I USED TO try several different ways of 'protecting myself' from spiteful, negative 'comments.'  SEE BELOW:

I EVEN argued  back and 'got personal and nasty' in return, ('fighting fire with fire') I was 'turning into someone else'.  It wasn't me anymore, so to speak.  It was destroying my personality!  

SO WHAT DID I DO?  My conscience wouldn't ALLOW me to KEEP my own bad remarks up on screen. I had to remove them, coz I was copying them by fighting back like this.  It's not MY STYLE, so I have to ask, 'how can others bring themselves to do it', if I can't!?

(Fighting is dreadful, it's futile, it only relieves your anger for a moment.  Then some1 else will anger you, and so it goes on....!)

I even resorted to blocking members, (which I felt was an over-reaction, unless harrassment was happening).   I abandoned this coz it wore me out also.

I used to DELETE nasty remarks, coz they upset me too much to look at.  But now I realise that it's better to leave them up, as evidence of your bad mindedness.  That way, YOU are showing YOUR true colours to everyone!

I don't have to do a thing to you, you do it to yourself.  Don't be surprised if no-one likes you for it.





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3 Responses May 19, 2009

Well said...two thumbs up for me.

You've made quite a valid point here that I've always known. That is why on EP, I don't make a point of writing stories replying to any and every message about everyone. I want to remain drama-free and don't want anyone to judge me for it.

I SOOOOO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! This is the best comment yet that I have seen on this type of behaviour! People like this really **** me off too! It's like their life isn't miserable enough by themselves unless they are trying to bring everyone else down to their level too! Everyone has a right to how they feel about things and their own opinions about those things! People who do this kind of crap either have way too much time on their hands or are just plain hateful. So my advice for them?<br />
<br />
Go look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why your so damn hateful and why you have no friends and no life. Then argue with yourself about the reasons why!