Why Even Bother?

I have submitted a few questions on questions and answers that got some ignorant comments and opinions.  I respect everyones right to have an opinion and accept all opinions, but I have to draw the line when they are just plain rude, ignorant and mean. I have had people call me a Bible basher and said I'm trying to cram religion down their throats! Just because I made a comparison between Non=believers and negativity. I do believe that if you don't believe in a higher power or have some type of faith and hope in something other than yourself, then you must have alot of negativity going on in your life, you say you don't, then why the mean and rude comments? That to me sounds pretty negative. To not believe in anything also sounds pretty negative! How can you have positivity without hope and faith? Enlighten me cause I would love to know! I have also been called a dude many times, I guess it's because of the way I write? I guess women can't have strong, intelligent opinions? If you'd take a look at my avatar and my profile you can clearly see I am not a dude! I also do not cram religion down anyones throat because to do that would mean I believe in organized religion; which I don't! You don't have to believe in religion to believe in God or a higher power. To me it is whatever feels right in your heart and your gut. I like to share my thoughts on God and the world and the state it is in because I think people need to wake up and start paying attention. I like to make people really THINK. Stop focusing just on themselves and their instant gratification, start practising some kindness and good deeds! Instead of being a rude, hostile, ignorant mean spirited *******!

As for the pointless comments that make no sense, maybe you think you are being funny. In some cases maybe you are. Especially when it seems like a question that makes no sense, and there are often alot of those and I am also guilty of giving a witty response. For some that seem to make no sense though, one should keep in mind that there are alot of folks on here who may not speak good english. If you do not speak english and it is not your native tongue, it is even much harder to write! So in that case I would maybe think about that before you respond and try to figure out what is being asked before you comment. If you can't then don't comment at all, no comment is better than a rude and ignorant one, and by saying ignorant I mean STUPID! Have some consideration!

So my point is, if you are on EP for the sole purpose of putting people down and bringing others down to your level of misery and negativity. Then stay the hell off my profile and don't answer my questions! I am sure there are lots of sites out there that are devoted to people like you! EP is about sharing and caring and respecting everyones thoughts and opinions, not belittleing and ignorance! So if you wan't to do that then go look in the mirror and have a good heart to heart with yourself! Or better yet, get out there and do some good for others and your community, it might make you feel better! If your not capable of that then maybe a nice long stay in an institution and a good talk with a therapist might do you some good! Since there are pills that you can take that will help you feel much better! We cannot help you here and we are not your victims or targets for self hate!

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EXACTLY! which brings me back to my blog, that is what my blog is about! sadly people don't even seem to get that one simple truth!

It is for those who do understand to at least try to enlighten others, within their authority of course.

Well said on your part too! i think that has become the problem here at EP there are too many immature people. I find for most, and from experience that most people don't really have a mature understanding of the world and life in general until they reach their late 20's to 30's. It is only until you hit a certain age and a certain level of experience that you start to see clearly. Although there are some that never do and never will, for whatever reason they are happy being mean and nasty and spreading that around as much as they can. I don't think that has to do with maturity at all, but more of a negative soul and they were likely very volatile and problematic as children too. Some blame thier negativity on their childhood. My parents abused me, they were never there for me. Nothing good has ever happened in my life. I am hooked on drugs. My parents were on drugs or alcoholics. I was sexually abused as a child. Some people find it easier to go through their whole life using these excuses as a crutch. They do not have the will to learn from these experiences and make themselves a better person because of it. I have went through ALL these experiences and more. For the longest time I used it as a crutch myself and I only found release in drugs. then I had an experience that changed my life. It woke me up and I started to see how I had to change my way of thinking and viewing life. I found Faith and Hope again. I learned from my past and what I learned made me stronger. I wasn't that negative person anymore. With open eyes comes wisdom and knowledge, with an open heart comes peace.

Your welcome.

Thankyou, Seeker. We seem to see things eye to eye!

*Stop focusing just on themselves and their instant gratification, start practising some kindness and good deeds!* Such is where life's true joys come from.<br />
<br />
*I cannot help how people percieve things!* As was written many years ago; A man who has hope, peace, charity, honor and truth are traits modern man seeks to destroy when he comes into contact with them. Modern in relative sense.

Yeah ,, Im absolutely with you ..<br />
They arent nothing more than "losers"<br />
Just wanna make themselves feel better<br />
By leaving stupid & rude comments as well as<br />
answering questions ridiculously and thought It was fun ! <br />
<br />
what a pathetic ppl ;(

Yup your ok too! LoL. Actually I am quite glad you challenged me because you made me see how hypocritical, not to mention overly critical I was being myself. I can do that sometimes. I get overwhelmed with negativity so sometimes I get pessemistic and tend to see it everywhere! That is so not me because I like all kinds of views on all sorts of topics and I am a really openminded person. I am analytical, so I like to analyze everything and see how different ideas and opinions all fit together just like different beliefs. I am interested in all sorts of beliefs, Pagan, Buddhism, Native American and Gnostic are some of my favorites. then there are the other beliefs that we were put here by a supreme race of beings and that we are a sort of game or experiment. ( that belief is a little scary and creepy to me, yet still interesting!) I am very interested in all aspects of spirituality and beliefs, they all fascinate me. I love to know what people are thinking!

True look what religion has done to people! more wars have been fought over religion than anything else. Look at the salem witch trials! People have been fighting over religion since as far back as they can remember. Plus anyone can create a religion, all you need is followers. but then they are called cults, by those recognized religious sects who think they have earned the right to be legit. When the truth is what makes them so different?<br />
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Yes you have changed my mind. Have i changed yours? Not the bible thumper you thought I was eh? I have many views and beliefs. lol...<br />
<br />
yes you can have faith without religion, but can you have faith without hope? Hope for a better world where we can all live in peace? If we can, what will get us there?

This is why I like to separate faith and religion.<br />
<br />
Religion, well it only creates more securely deceived people. Who think they have the answers.<br />
<br />
<br />
Faith is not religion, religion is not faith.

awesome Geminace! I really like your way of thinking! Very much! Very wise! It is a small price to pay to carry the negative. I love Footprints In The Sand. It is one of my favorite and it helps me keep the faith. When I am really troubled and going through one of my episodes. The one voice I hear above all the others is; "It was then that I carried you". It helps me get through it. I have been diagnosed Bi-Polar and Schizophrenic.<br />
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I know what you mean about the "church" I have seen alot of the same thing myself. It also seems to only be a place of gossip as you often hear a group of little ol ladfies off to the side after services commenting on how this one was dressed or how that one behaves, or how that one lives their life. Or it is full of hippocrites that don their Sunday best only to go home after church, get drunl and beat their kids and often their spouse! I say, if you believe anywhere is a church! and their are all kinds of ways to believe and all of them have their good and bad points. It is what you take from them to be right in your heart that matters most.

I love that yin and yang wolf! I love the saying that goes with it too! So ya see we have some things in common. I am a strong believer in karma too! I have my personal Support Worker degree. So I know what working with the elderly is all about. I am not doing it now for health reasons. <br />
<br />
There is a lot of conflict going on lately eh? That's what i am trying to get at that the negative energy seems to be rising and taking over. I believe more in energies. Good and Evil. God or satan is only the names we give them because they are the only names we were given. We all have a good measure of both inside us all. it is all about which one we let win. lately, sadly, all I see is the dark winning in most people. there has to be forces behind that, so to some degree I believe in the biblical take on it. We can't let the darkside win. which is the main point I am trying to make, but like everyone else i get lost in the confusion! I like hearing that you have hope and faith in a better world. What are your thoughts on God/religion do you believe that there is something guiding us? Like I said i don't believe in the Bible view of God either. I have many different views on that aspect as well as religion. i am a spiritual person and a seeker of truth.

I am Not a Christian! If i follow any type of religion it is Gnostic or more the native American, Pagan beliefs. Do good respect each other and respect our earth. I am all about bringing light into this world. I don't go to church, anywhere is a church if you believe and i don't believe in organized religion. i take different things from them all, what feels right and good in my heart.<br />
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I did not mean to offend anyone or attack anyone. I didn't think I was I didn't think that what i wrote would be taken as offensive. It is just the point of view I have, mainly because of alot of the comments I and others have received concerning this topic that were plain rude, ignorant and very negative. I also posted a question: "is it easier to be positive or negative?" and most of the answers I got back were that people would rather be negative. TO ME negativity is about having no hope or no faith in your life, being very pessimistic. This kind of attitude also breeds hate and ignorance. It is sad to see so many negative people in this world, am I not right on that? TO ME if you live in this negative state how can you believe in anything, which is why I lumped non-believers and negativity together TO ME they seem to go hand in hand. Sorry if that offends anyone!<br />
<br />
No I am not looking for a fight. You mentioned the word fight first not me! I don't see the point in fighting over this you have your right to your opinion as do I. Do you not agree that there is alot of attacking going on concerning this topic? Most of the mean and hostile comments are from those who don't believe in anything or profess to be Athiests. So that is what I am responding to. Why do they get to put people down for their beliefs? Then have the nerve to get defensive when someone calls them on it? So I am sorry if I offended you. I would rather hear your side and your beliefs rather than argue with you. I do like to hear and accept all kinds of views on what makes this world tick and what may have put us here. I have many theories that would surprise you and some of them don't concern God. I am open to all points of view and I see truth in them all. I just don't like seeing it put rudely, which is all I have been seeing lately. So I guess that's what got me to spouting off and not wording things right. Sometimes I have a hard time putting what I am feeling into words. I am a very openminded person and not at all like the person you think I am, or I have come off to be. So again I am sorry. Could we start over, as you seem to be a nice enough person despite all this nonsense!?

if you feel like you are being attacked then maybe you are making this a little too personal and that is not my problem. I haven't meant or set out to attack anyone, I cannot help how people percieve things! I'd like to hear some good legitimate arguments for why some of you don't believe in anything! I too can tolerate Athiests, but I have to draw the line when they start coming on MY PAGE and putting me down for what I believe! Exactly so if you too are looking for a fight you will find one! If you don't like what I have to say then why did you read it? Just to be ignorant? Guess I am making my point here eh?

true..i agree..some people really do write mean and rude opinions.. i really do feel like killing them..but thank god, i can't reach them

true..i agree..some people really do write mean and rude opinions.. i really do feel like killing them..but thank god, i can't reach them

jeeze now I'm a bigot! Boy your comment was well thought out now I'm racist and attacking people. I could care less what people believe in! just don't knock me down for what I believe in! You athiests are the worst for putting down people who have faith and hope and believe in a higher power for whatever that may represent for them! and if you weren't so damn ignorant you would notice that i say higher power and not God. I am considerate of the fact that God has different representations for everyone! So who is the attacker now eh!? However, I have a problem with athiests and I am sorry for that, but you bring it on yourselves. Most of you seem so full of hate and negativty, you believe in nothing and have hope in nothing. Your soul purpose is to bring others down and distinguish their light. Show me just one of you that have faith in anything, that have anything good or positive to say and I may change my mind. I love God and I am not ashamed to say it. If you don't then fine, but stay the hell off my page! Did you even read my story? I fail to see where I am attacking anyone!? I am stating a fact! Non-believer is not singleing out a group it is stating that there are those who believe in nothing, who have no hope and I feel sorry for those lost souls, but in your self pity and desolation do not look for victims among the light because you wont find any here!

The people responding to your posts with "mean" comments are probably just angry about the fact that you are acting like a bigot and being mean and rude. I had to stop reading your post because I wanted to scream. If you replaced "non-believers" with, say, white people or Jewish people, or ANY group of ANY kind you would get a TON of negative feedback because thats what happens when you make judgment calls about any group of people as a whole. It's never ok, no matter who it is that you are targeting.<br />
You give religious people, or "believers" a really bad name.<br />
And for the record, the most negative things in my life have been because of close-minded, bigoted, religious people and yet I make no judgment on them as a group because every person is different and it's unfair to try to define a group of different people as just one thing.