Specifically on this site I get some comments and answers from others being crude and thinking me immediately niave because of my age. And hey I know I don't know everything and to me that would be disappointing because I love learning, still new to the world compared to some, I can be awkward or cliche in my early years unfortunately, and I don't know particular things you do but I'm honest and here to learn, grow, and epxress myself just as you are here on EP.

Outside of the internet is a whole different story I'm still working on! 


Thank you!

Marowit Marowit
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 4, 2010

When you dare challenge people, they will try to belittle you and it truly only shows their ignorance! <br />
Stay true to yourself ~ go girl! :)

Bless your heart Ms. Maegyn young Diva in the making...Future Leader of this Nation! <br />
I commend your honesty, shrug(off) ability;<br />
very eloquent, clearly concise in the establishment of their own accountability. <br />
You merit more than most for showing such courage.<br />
You are my Shero and please always know <br />
You are perfect as you are no need for change<br />
As you FLOW through this thing we call life no matter where you Go<br />
If they be not on thy level they will already know because you my dear will always BE OUT OF their range.<br />
Creatively yours,<br />
Ms. Tiesha Donyell Perry aka Lady Bountiful (a very Charitable Woman)