What the hell is wrong with people thinking that they can just use other!?!?!? Like seriously!?!? Does it make them feel better?!?! or am I just the stupid one for having fallen in love with people whose actions showed they only wanted to use me as a rebound or until they found the true love of their lives! How can you ask a person to wait for you if you feel nothing for them? How can you go out with another with only a few months of having broken up? I feel used and stupid. I am sick and tired of empty promises and being told an empty "I love you". I actually take relationships, feelings and specially those 3 words with a deeper meaning then just ┬┤cause. Feeling something so deeply, that's my curse...
dexxie dexxie
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

It's not your fault... :/
People are messed up. If you wanna talk I'm here.