Boy Killed During Potty Training

Boy Killed During Potty Training, Police Say
Mom's Boyfriend Charged

POSTED: 8:52 am EDT July 19, 2007

CINCINNATI -- A judge ruled that a teenager will be tried as an adult for the death of an 18-month-old boy whose mother testified that he was repeatedly swung like a bat against the wall when the teen became frustrated during toilet training.

Derris Smith, 18, the mother's live-in boyfriend, has been charged with murder. He was 17 on June 27, when, police said, he delivered the beating that led to Malakai Glenn's death four days later.

The impact of the child hitting the wall left drywall stuck to his head and cracked a wooden door, said the boy's mother Sasha Glenn, 20, who cried often during her testimony Wednesday.

"When I picked him up he put his arms around me," Glenn said. "He was staring at me for a minute with big eyes, then he went limp." The child never regained consciousness and died after being hospitalized at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Following the Wednesday hearing, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Thomas Lipps said Smith should be tried as adult. The case will now go to a grand jury.

During the court hearing, Smith and his parents, who sat by their son, also cried.

Glenn said the ordeal began when Smith put the toddler on a child's toilet that was in the room where the three were sharing a bed and the couple went to sleep. She said Smith became angry when he saw the child resting his head on a pillow that she had placed on a stool in front of the toilet.

When Glenn said the boy had had enough, Smith told her, "Don't tell me what to do," she testified. "He picked him up and hit his head on the wall" before dropping him on the bed.

The couple tried to get the child to drink water and put him in the shower before calling 911.

Glenn said she had initially told police her son fell down stairs because she didn't want Smith to get in trouble, but changed her story when the child didn't recover.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said it has not been determined whether Glenn will be charged in connection with the death.

According to testimony, Glenn is pregnant with Smith's child, and Malakai Glenn was not his son.

Smith is being held in the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center on $500,000 bond.


*I am constantly reading and hearing about crazy stuff like this in the news. I don't understand what motivates people to want to have children and abuse them or let them be abused by others. These individuals should not even have had children in the first place. There is never enough justice served neither, when they are found guilty. So many people without children that would love and care for them, then the ones that shouldn't have them at all. I don't understand. Nor, will I ever understand.


By the way, am I the only one wondering what's with the "Smith" name and child abuse?  More than a few Smith child abusers (or enablers)  have come out of the woodwork in the last few years

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Very, very sad how people can turn us against our own. Over their own sick, sadistic, sad actions.

Reading this stuff makes me hate people

Yeah, it's really terrible that stuff like that actually happens.

"In 2001, 60 percent of the perpetrators were female with an average age of 31, and 40 percent were male with an average age of 34."<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
<br />
Clearly teenagers are not the main problem. It's a shame how they seem to be blamed for everything these days.....

I agree with you. There are the few young teens that become parents and do a wonderful job, but they are also few and far between.