How to Make Money

I'm on a very poor wage but love my job and my bills are getting higher. i have thought about doing sex for money, i did it years ago but now i cant seem to find anyone who wants me. maybe it the wrong thing to do. but how else do i get money to live on. is there anyone out there with any ideas to help me make sence of my finannces with out degrading my self please
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7 Responses Jan 6, 2008

and you keep looking for others who want to increase what they make others that are tired of being poor too its easy but a lot of people will SAY they are tired of being poor but GIVEN the tool they still will not use it so they only want seriously interested people to do it.

I know a way others can make money just email me if you want in its miracleswillbe @ g mail . com do not know if I am allowed to do this but I am ONE who was sick of being poor and if the ones who are poor just would do one of the things I do than things could really change for you, but ya gotta do something you can't just sit and WISH. the more our list of others wanting to make money and than actually follow threw with it all actually do something the more each person makes. just give me a email I can email it back to you. :)

Fastest way to make cash is to sell services (not just sex). Do you write, program computers, build websites, design websites, etc.? Write an ad for it on craigslist and sell your services, not yourself.

Just hold on woman, you don't have to<br />
go out there like that anymore, stay straight as you are<br />
Give me a shout out on a better idea... .

i'm going to start selling myself too.. it's GREAT money, F uncle sam. Cash is king. i don't know any other job i'm qualified for that pays $500/hr.

Sell something on Ebay. It takes research and work, but it's something anyone can do. Or waitress at night. Waitresses always have tips, so you can always buy food and small necessities. And a check comes in once in a while.

Well, I always said that too but I said it for a joke.<br />
I would never sale my body for sex. I have to much pride in my self/body.<br />
If your job is not making enough for you maybe you should try to go up the laddler in your job or just find another one to go around those hours for more income until the bills are caught up.<br />
I know easier said then done but when I was in my 20's I worked two for bills and one for spending!