So this boy I've been talking to for about 2 weeks stopped talking to me. We talked non stop and he kept saying how much he liked me and we hung out for like 3 hours and talked and he seemed interested in me. 8 days ago he just stopped talking to me. He goes on facebook and stuff so i know he's ignoring me. My cousin who is good friends with him snapchatted him telling him to text me and he still hasn't opened it and its been 2 days and he is snapchatting other people.(his score is rising) she had me on her snapchat story and he saw it so he's been ignoring me and i don't know what to do... I really like him and i don't know what i did wrong..😔
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

don't worry about it. (I know easier said than done, right?) He most likely was scared off by something and couldn't be direct about it with you. It is very common young man behavior to deal with things in this way. I think that trying to get his attention might eventually work but he won't have as much respect for you if you just be nice and try to get him to like you again. The only thing you can do is realize he is being a rude jerk and ignoring your feelings. Ignore him right back. Give your self permission to feel irked by his rudeness. His is obviously fickle and immature. Look out for people who treat you with more respect. You will find them. I hope this helps!