Is Something Wrong With Me?

I'm 37, a single mother of two teenage girls and I've been divorced for 13yrs now.  In all those years, the longuest relationship I've had with a man was 8 months!  Is there something wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong to send these men packing?
I'm bubbly, I'm outgoing and I like to think I'm attractive.  I've had flings...every year there's a new adventure, but they never stick around for very long.  What usually happens is that we break up and they hang around for the sex.  I seem to have a thing for emotionally unavailable men. 

Maybe I should lose weight? Or maybe I should seek the help of a psycho-therapist?  Of maybe, just maybe, I should steer clear from men all together until I catch a clue?  I mean, I imagine I'd be that much happier if it wasn't for this annoying need to be loved by my significant other.  The yearning to catch him look at me in that special kind of way, or to feel the security that if he's not with me he's definitely thinking of me.  To laugh at everything and talk about nothing in particular.  To live out the daily day to day stuff with him and know that we're sharing our histories together.  If it wasn't for these thoughts, these wants, these desires, I think I would be fine! 
I sing in a choir, I have great sisters I can hang with, my daughter's are grown and we are in a new phase of our mommy-daughter relationship, so in theory I should be the happiest Unfortunately, I'm not.  I'm lonely and I have no clue anymore how to fix it.

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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Like so many of us, you want your "happily ever after." That's not necessarily wrong, but like so many of us, we tend to look for it in the wrong places. Then when he turns out to not be the prince we thought he was - we forget what we saw was his potential to be who we wanted him to be and not who he wants to be. We need to find someone who wants to be our 'prince.' And not settle for friends with benefits.<br />
<br />
As for your weight, some meat on your bones is fashionably in right now.