I'm not sure if this story fits in this group or not but here it goes....

Dear couple that blocked the isle in the grocery store,

  I am aware that you are a couple. I am also aware that I am single. Something else that I am aware of is that I am overweight, short, and not as confident as most other girls. Maybe that is why I am single. Please refrain from talking and giggling behind my back while I am trying to do my shopping. It makes me feel even worse about the way that I look and the fact that I am single. 

Dear couple on the bus at Disney World,

Your constant make out sessions and PDA were disgusting! There were small children on the bus.  You were just making fools of yourselves. Yes this is coming from jealousy but also from having some sort of moral mind set. Also please next time you decide to let the world know that you love each other, don't be so loud. 

Dear girlfriend of most of the couples that I walk past,

I don't find your boyfriend attractive. Stop showing him off. If you were really that aggravated that I existed then you wouldn't make a scene and then grasp your boyfriend's hand in an attempt to get his attention. I am so sick of girls like you. (no offense if you are that way. I'm in a mood) 

Dear boyfriend of the girlfriend,

The more you stare at me and make me uncomfortable, the more I don't like you. I don't care if you are  the hottest thing alive! You have a girlfriend. Stare at HER! You give your intentions away when you look back at her and the both of you laugh like you've both just heard the funniest joke. Obviously you aren't staring at me because I'm pretty. I'm a good laugh aren't I? I don't know what's so funny. 

Anyway, the point of this whole stupid "story" was to vent. I am obviously jealous of happy couples. I am also tired of being treated as if I am something to laugh at.  I don't know maybe it's just me. Please if you comment, don't be rude or sarcastic.  Thanks for reading....

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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Take a Deep Breath Princess and Relax. There is no one in the World like You. God made You the way he wants You and God doesn't make junk. What other people say about you or make fun of you, does not matter, because in Your Heart You know what the Truth is. I know that it still might bother you, but Pray about it, you will toughen up your feelings. I had brain surgery & it left a big scar & radiation killed alot of my hair on the back of my head. The kids at school use to kid me alot about that. The couple kissing on the bus, I think they were both disrespecting each other & showed that they had no morals.