Tired..just Tired

I’m tired of waking up by myself. I roll over and there’s plenty of room in my bed; there’s no pair of beautiful eyes 2 gaze into. I’m tired of eating alone. I turn on the TV so there’s some noise while I make my food. It’s not conversation, but it’s better than silence. I’m tired of being a third wheel. I act like it doesn’t bother me when im around my friends hanging out, but really, it becomes just another reminder that I’m alone.  I’m tired of hearing  everyone say the usual, that they’re sure I’ll meet someone who’s wonderful and smart and more beautiful than all of the girls I’ve dated before. And then, they promise, I’ll be so happy, that tommorow is gonna be better. I’m tired of unwinding by myself. My bed isn’t nearly as comfortable without someone to cuddle with.
MiracleWhipTrickster MiracleWhipTrickster
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Lol this is exactly how I feel most days. I don't think most people notice how good it feels to have someone else to wake up to.

Dude, you and I are experiencing the same thing . Guess we have to put a lot more efforts i think. Read self improvement books, dating tips, go out and make more new friends and one day who knows the right one will fall for ya.

Wow thats a story...Well i am going thru the same Padder and its okay until you happy and fulfilled inwards, Relax and just start enjoying being single cause being in a relationship has its ups and downs. Everybody derseves some1 and Question? What are you doing to attract the opposite Sex? Are you just Groaning and not doing anything or are you waiting for Cindarella to come and Say" Hi Im the perfect dream girl you've been waiting for" Wake up and start taking action of your Life////

Lmfaoo oh Amelle I can always count on you for comic relief =P

Sorry it took me so long to get to all of these, guess it's just a touchy subject to me =P<br />
<br />
@ shadoweyes--thanks<br />
<br />
@ wifetellsall--Yeah I suppose being married and feeling alone would be a lot worse, sorry that happened to you =/.<br />
<br />
@ ladymoon-- Thanks and yeah I know settling for less would in the end only cause pain.<br />
<br />
@ LieutenantAwesome-- after awhile yeah it does get old, somedays you dont mind as much, love the name btw =).<br />
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@ ckirste-- thank you for your advice and I know that feeling I had let myself hold onto someone who was completely wrong for me and treated me like dirt for so long, in the end a weight had been lifted when that mess ended.

oh wow.. i feel the same way.<br />
after awhile you just get tired of being alone. it gets old :S

I'll cuddle with you! :)

Honey,you are still very young.I'm 35 years old and have always walked alone.But ,I'll tell you this.I know how hard it is to be alone.I know how empty you must feel.Please don't let your loneliness make you settle for less than you deserve.

I find that hard to believe shadoweyes.

Enjoy where you are now. The time will come. i've been on both sides. Yea, single is lonely at times, As you see I'm spending another evening in. I'd rather be out cuddling some hot guy, but that seems like not the case tonight. On the other end being married and feeling alone was a lot worse. I just can't seem to win.

I was where you are now Miraclewhip. It does get tiring after a while. I can only tell you what everyone else has, and that it will come. Be true to yourself and the one, you've been looking for will come. Enjoy your single life and don't wish that away because you are sure to miss parts of it when you're attached.