I was okay as all my high school friends got married and had children as I was focused more on making sure I obtained a college degree and established a career....but as my friends from law school got married and I was still single, I began to find myself a little discouraged.  Now this September, my best friend will have her first child and I am still single.  She is so happy with her husband and career as a lawyer...and now, she will be adding to her little family. 

In contrast, I am 35 and spend a lot of time with my friends hanging out or working out....when I am not working.  I am a "nice" attorney, who works to help poor people...kids, the elderly, and animals love me.  But I can't keep a boyfriend to save my life.  Why?

As much as I enjoy my life, I am so sick and tired of being single.  I want to have a 'partner in crime," someone to explore life with and travel the world with.  I have tried so many online dating sites after getting tired of bars and the typical dating scene in a small town.  But it seems like some guys are on those sites expecting "friends with benefits" or a hookup...which is fine, but it seems like the bar would be easier, j/s.  (at least be honest about it.)

Anyway, I am optimistic about it and keep trying, but I just want to find a nice guy, with whom I have chemistry...Is that too much to ask?  lol.

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I hear you, sister. It's great that you're optimistic and keeping trying. I hope you meet that partner in crime soon!

thanks darling...all you can do is keep your head up.

i do understand what you are saying<br />
life sucks with other the other half<br />
<br />
i work hard i blow more money then most make and still others can not deal witht he fact i wear diapers for real<br />
or they can not deal with what i do for a living taking care of 2 others