Seriously Now.

Its boring and makes me tired.

What the hell? Seriously.

Who the **** wants to wake up and stare at a ceiling every morning?
anteye anteye
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5 Responses Nov 23, 2006

you are better waiting for the right person, than to risk being distoryed by the wrong one! you will find the right one for u, just be possitive about it!

nice make ppl feel bad cause they dont have good people skill <br />


I had another thought here. I notice that in a lot of the stories here relating to loneliness, the writer assumes it is a personal flaw (usually physical) that is preventing them from being "lucky in love". OK, if anyone ever thinks that, go and buy any of the celebrity news magazines. See hundreds of pages of rich, beautiful people make a hash out of relationships. No, it's all about compatability. When you meet the right person it clicks like Lego.

Hmm. When I wake up I'm usually facing a wall, but if you lay on your back I guess you'd see the ceiling even if there were 3 others in the bed.