What I Miss Right Now.

Seeing as its post Black Friday I realized what I miss right now.

I miss FAO Schwartz.

You know, the giant yuppy toy store.

Every year in what I could probably say was so far my best relationship I used to buy her a teddy bear from FAO Schwartz. Not just any mind you, but we'd spend about an hour in there hugging and snuggling the teddy bears there to find the Right One(tm). You know, that one bear that lives on the bed and usually ends up on the floor by the time you go to bed if you're both there, or takes up that space when one of you isn't. (Is that cheating?)

Yeah, this time of year I miss having someone that I was willing to go out of my way to find that perfect bear for.
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2006

My hubby bought me a stuffed wiener dog that says ' I love you this much' it's a big wiener dog...

Very interesting go on ours its called good movies/bad movies!

I've really been wanting to get a puppy lately....you know....single, kids leaving home....YOU CAN BUY ME A BEAR!!! (by the way, I LOVE New York City....did you go to the big FAO Schwartz store in Manhattan together to pick out your bears?)

Now this is the real stuff(ing) romance is made of!!