Career Or Romance? Can I Have Both?

I am having a conflict with my career versus romance. For five years as a teacher I was so busy (really!) that i didn't have time to pursue a romantic relationship. I met some men here and there, but nothing came of it. (As an aside, my a colleague of mine was having maritial problems because of how much time she spent at work, so it wasn't just me). So now I moved up north in hopes of finding the man of my dreams. However, here i go again.  am focusing on my career right now and putting the romance on the back burner. Obviously this is really important because I don't have a full time job, I am substitute teaching. I really really need money and a full time job. So i guess for now, I just have to put it off again. Maybe....after i get my full time job I will go back to pursuing a relationship. Any ideas, is needed here!
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1 Response Feb 11, 2012

we all have moments . i actually do construction , as weather gets warmer i work longer hours . some times work dies and i have to go to where the work is .. finding some one to stand by you through these changes is always been hard .. i guess to me love has always been like this .. we all have certain baggage and issues to find the love that fits we have to find one worth dealing with his or her issues .. when you find the right one .. work will be easyier , life will be easyier and love will be easyier.. always i supose its a matter of perspective how much do you love a person? how much would you be willing to give to keep this love ? and how much of their baggage would you be willing to be able to deal with ?