Forever Alone

I’m 18, in college, and I’d say I have a pretty okay social life. What I don’t have is a boyfriend. I understand that I am 18 and have the majority of my life ahead of me to find “Mr. Right,” but when you’re 18 and have never been in a serious relationship, it becomes frustrating. You get together with all of your friends and they talk about boys, and their boyfriends, or guys they have dated, and then there’s you. Captain of the never been kissed club. Okay, so I have been kissed a few times, but I want those magic fireworks, the butterflies in your stomach, being able to say, “Oh hey that’s my guy.” I want that! Instead I have nothing, and I feel helpless and alone. Is something wrong with me? Why can’t I get a boyfriend?
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I understand exactly what you mean... Except I'm a guy... That's literally the only difference.
But you shouldn't let it get you down, your still young, this is the time to do your mistakes and make regrets... In a couple of years it will be less acceptable to do your mistakes and make regrets but right now you can.
Think positive
for the moment... Your free.


BTW... boys/men can smell desperation, clinginess and neediness a MILE away. You need to get comfortable doing things without a male, having a good time, keep busy getting good grades and becoming a great version of you. If you get involved in co-ed sports leagues or volunteering, you'll have a great time, meet some guys AND have something to add to a resume!

You never know when "he might show up. Keep busy. Get involved in a variety of activities. I met "him" at a party my sophomore year of college; we were both at a party neither one of us particularly wanted to go to. He looked bored and was sitting by himself, so I just went over and struck up a conversation. We ended up being together for 3 1/2 years.

I'd rather be undateable.

hang in there it will happen....if you wnat to talk im looking for a special girl too...message me anytime

I'm in the same boat. All I can really tell you is that things will just happen. You may meet someone tomorrow for all you know.

Don't think about it too much. I met my college boyfriend when we were both attending a party neither of us wanted to go to; that's how we ended up talking. I dated him for three years. We nearly got married (he chickened out).

*hugs* same here :/ Try to focus on your work and hobbies. I know it only helps to an extent but...yeah it does suck to be the only one :(