A Few Simple Rules For An Enjoyable Date

I am no relationship or dating expert nor have I ever claimed to be. Hell, I've never even had a boyfriend and the only dates I've ever been on were blind nightmares ( if anyone ever says they know the perfect person for me, I run sceaming in the opposite direction ). I am simply an older woman who has seen a lot, done a little and learned equally from both. Here's a few suggestions so you can avoid another date from hell, if you so choose to read and listen:

1) When you approach someone who piques your interest, don't insult their intelligence or make them have serious doubts about yours by using stupid pick-up lines. Saying hello and introducing yourself works a hell of a lot better.

2) When it comes to who should pay, I believe this system makes things less confusing: If you ask someone out, you should pay. If someone asks you out, that person should pay. If you have the misfortune of being set up on a blind date, both people should pay for themselves. And here's another tip: Take the other person's finances into consideration when you order a meal. One date shouldn't leave someone unable to pay their rent. If you are the one paying, don't make the other feel like they owe you something. No one should be made to believe they have to perform a sexual act because you bought them a cup of soup.

3) Good manners and respect should never be unappreciated or ignored. Open doors for one another. Pull out chairs. Excuse yourself properly when you need to use the restroom. Never assume you know what the other person wants and order for them. If you go somewhere unfamiliar or where the menu is in a language they don't understand, take the time to translate and help them find something they might like and then ask if you can order for them. You don't want to end up in the emergency room because you accidentally oredered something that they happen to be allergic to.

4) If you don't know them already, take the time to learn basic table manners. I don't mean knowing your salad fork from your dinner fork or keeping your elbows off the table, nobody really cares about that stuff anyway. What I mean is things like holding your fork properly. Nobody wants to sit across the table from someone and watch them shovel food into their mouth. I don't give a damn how attractive they might be, it's just disgusting.

5) There is no good excuse for belittling or berating the people who work in the eating establishment you are dining in. All of my sisters and brothers and a few of my nieces worked as servers and cooks. I learned long ago how to treat the people who handle my food. And it doesn't make you look important or powerful. It makes you look like a moron on a power trip.

6) If you suffer from road rage, I suggest you take a cab or walk if the place is close enough and the weather is agreeable. Nothing screams abusive jackass more loudly than uncontrolable road rage. It scares people off and ends the date before it begins.

7) If you find you can't afford to take someone out and you offer to cook for them, make sure you know how to cook. If you find that your cooking skills are not gourmet level, make something simple. You would be surprised at what you can make with a few ingredients. And please remember to ask about any allergies. Like I said before, nothing ruins a date like a visit to the emergency room.

8) This last rule I will write in capital letters because it is one I see people ignore all the time. WHEN YOU ARE ON A DATE, TURN OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE. I've lost count on how many times I've seen this. You have a living, breathing human being right in front of you. What is it that you are doing on your phone that's more important than they are? Is your addiction to Angry Birds that servere? Turn off your phone and leave it in your pocket or purse, where it belongs, for the duration of the date.

Like I said before, I'm no expert. But, I believe if you follows these rules, it will make for an evening you can enjoy. And maybe your date can too.
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1 Response Apr 16, 2012

Those rules sound about right to me. I mean I used to think most of those rules were just common sense and yet people are always surprised when I open a door for someone.