Something Wrong With Me?

Am I expecting too much?

Meeting the wrong guys?

Too quirky?


Easily freaked?

Too much emotional baggage?

Affected by my past?

Not meeting the right people?

Getting desperate?

Not letting go?

Reading too much self help books?

Guys too intimitated?

Too artsy?

Can't be myself?

Still pining for the past?

Getting too old at 30?

Too "out there"?

Not pretty enough?

Where are you? Its been too long.
brightonion brightonion
26-30, F
17 Responses Dec 3, 2006

i feel like i ask myself the same questions

Everyone's got quirks! There are many, many quirky guys out there. You'll meet one whose quirks will mesh with yours like two puzzle pieces fitting together. Who the **** wants to be normal? That's boring.

"Too old at 30" my ***. Shut up you little kid. You're young.

He is very close to you. Open your eyes and observe carefully.

i feel you gal. the same is happening to me. but i still have faith there is someone special for me and i will meet him

I know how you feel, I wish I could help, but i'm asking myself that everyday....

hey, you can never be too quirky! That's what makes people worth dealing with. And i'm sorry you're hurting, i know the feeling of being alone. if you ever need somebody to talk to im here for you

Sorry to hear of your situation, I was put in touch with a personal and relationship confident, whom I greatly benifited from ,maybe you will too :

Hey..........I feel the same. How is that possible you are exactly voicing what I want to say buddy!!!

What can I say other than that I know EXACTLY how you feel...Hang in there...

hello my name is james I am 34 years old and I am single to

Girl! too inquisitive was left off. JK. Seriously relax and be yourself. 30 is not old. DO NOT settle for less than what will make you happy. You need someone that'll appreciate and love all of your quirky qualities.Be patient and have fun. You can date on different levels. guys do it all the time.

aww... i feel you girl. mystic writer ...write on!

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and support, it means a great deal to me. I've written those words so long ago yet, it still holds true. I fear I might never find the one but at least now I know that I am not alone, my fears are the same fears as every girl out there and my joys are the same as yours too. Whoever The One may be, I hope I'll meet you someday.

there's blokes out here in the same situation.... i'm wondering when things will change...i'm told i have to wait...someone will come along....the waiting is the worst part for me.

@simples: Looks like I'll be heading down that road, too. I've never felt "sexy" or wanted in a respectful way. It either you're "cute" in a friend-way or I want to have a one-night stand an that's it. So, I've basically gave up hope, too. It happens to the best of us. At least we can live with ourselves.

Wow, all this comments have truly humbled and touched me! thank you, all of you for sharing and caring in such a manner. I never thought that anyone would respond to all this. In fact, I admit that as I was writing it, I was feeling sad that even as I was sharing this intimate side of myself, that no one would listen.<br />
<br />
I'm truly blessed to be proven wrong here. <br />
<br />
I'm reading Paulo Cohelo's Like a Flowing River. It's really been helpful and nourishing spiritually reading through it, I hope that one day this book would find its way to you too.

nuttin is WROUNG with u!Just be your self around the guys u meet,if they dont like the way u r u dont need them anyway..If u need me I'll be here 4 ya!

I have an even LONGER list of questions I ask myself (sometimes, on a daily basis.) But, I just listened to this song by India Arie, called "Butterfly." A line in it goes: "You attract who you are." I really believe that and it was nice to be reminded by her music. I also FULLY ascribe to the philosophy/saying that "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Deep down inside, I believe that every experience in my life has meaning and purpose. Although I hate to believe that I could possibly spend the rest of my life alone, I actually really believe that I'm becoming a better me. So, part of becoming a "better me" means I have to be single for a while. BUT, time is relative and I'm looking forward to attracting the me I'm becoming (i.e. one day, I will meet a person I will finally be capable of establishing and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with...and, to tell the truth, until I get to the point where I can participate in a relationship like that, everyone I am involved with in the meantime is just a catalyst in getting me to where I'm planning on winding up.) I don't know if any of this makes sense to you....but, I hope it helped.

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