So Many People Inlove

except me. i haven't been inlove in years. i hardly remember what it feels like. everytime i meet a guy he does nothing for me.i don't feel any attraction. they either say stupid things, are too immature, too pushy when it comes to sex. too cocky and worried about what others think. too preoccupied with their physical look. don't get me wrong ofcourse i want a guy who takes care of himself but up to a certain point. i don't want a guy who is inlove with his own reflection. i don't think i am very demanding with my dream man. i don't know why i keep running into the same type of guy. i guess it's not time yet for me to be inlove. maybe God wants me to learn other things before i meet him. still at times i am afraid of ending like my crazy aunt whom has married several times and her marriages end in less than a year. then again she is very vengeful and non forgiving with her partners. lets face it non of use is perfect we all make mistakes but my aunt gets rid of them as soon as they make the first mistake. plus she's always stealing other women's husbands. like she always persues a man whom is already taken. so maybe it's karma.

i see on my fb page so many of my friends inlove, married, it's beautiful. i wish i had that. i wish i could have a reason to wake up in the morning. a reason to smile at life. for now i am going to be patient. i will trust that everything is happening for a reason. i will sooth my hunger for love with my fantasies:p of the day that i finally find him. i know when i do the wait will be worth it.
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I completely understand. So many couples meet and get married in my church. But I can't seem to find anyone who even remotely likes me in that sense. A friend said maybe God wants me to do something first. I can get that, but what? It's awful seeing everyone with a partner but I'm stuck here alone.

yeah it is awful and ofcourse lonely=/ lets pray everything turns out for the best. best wishes:) xoxoxoxox

It probably will. We just need survive until it does. Ever need someone to talk to, message me

Love is worth being patient for. You will know if marriage is part of God's plan for you when you meet the person He has in mind for you. In the meantime, it is best not to rush into it. Just enjoy meeting different people for now.

thnx perseverer, i will <3