I Am So Sick Of Being Single Don't Remember Last Time I Was Happy.

Well my title pretty much says it all. Apparently people have said I'm attractive, I am 102 lbs. Pretty tiny, have great boobs,
I'm 22 years old. I can get pretty tan.
Anyway, I am so tired of guys rejecting me. Everything seems to be going great when I act positive and happy around the guy I like, and then he blows up in my face saying he's not ready for a relationship or was never into me.
When the hell is an actual guy going to be interested in me? I am twenty two years old and completely depressed about it.
Do you have any advice? What if I was called to singleness? I don't throw myself at guys I just like to be their friend and get attached.
Never been kissed before, no I haven't had sex yet what the hell is wrong with me? And no I'm not lesbian or going that way ever.
I'm confident about my body a little insecure about my face but hey who isn't? I'm funny and fun to be around, also have goals.
I just want a man to hold me in the one life that I have to live.
Can anyone give me hope?
Love depressed friend :/
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Lol I wouldnt say I'm lucky I would rather be your size trust me. It's hard to find guys that love plus size women.

I know exactly how you feel. I wouldn't say I'm tired of guys rejecting me because I don't approach men. I'm a lil insecure because I'm a plus size female but I didnt really know how to kiss until I met my ex 3 years ago but I had my first real kiss a couple of months ago and I lost my virginity about 4 weeks ago so don't feel bad you will find someone you just have to give it time.