Not A Stupid Teenage Love Story

I so hate being a single teenager. I'm almost 15 and I have yet to go on a date. I mean, I don't want marriage or anything. I just want a guy to hold my hand, ya know? Somebody cool. Somebody that isn't looking for sex. I'm 14, I'm not going to drop my pants for you. I just want a boyfriend. I mean, or we could just go on a date. I still need a date to the dance too.
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4 Responses May 10, 2012

SAME EXACT THING (except i just turned 15) I'm waiting for a nice guy to show up! But i'm always thinking, everybody has that perfect someone somewhere in this world. you're not alone!

Oh my. I am in the same category. Except I am 22! =/

i want the same thing. only with a girl

Good luck with that. Most boys at that age are jackasses. MOST, but not all. If you know of someone you like, there's no reason you can't ask HIM to go to a movie with you, though.