So Sick Of It.

I am pretty and attractive. Everytime I talk to a hot nice guy it never works out and if I complain a little that scares him away. What the hell? Then tell me to freakin stop complaiing.
I'm nice and sweet and would be most fun girl to be around. Why don't guys see that? I'm 22 and you would think they would be all over an older girl. Usually the guys I talk to are 20, 21, and their nice.
Found this great awesome guy gonne be 21 in october, and finally said he wasn't into me. For real I am tired of being heart broken and dissapointed :(.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Maybe your trying to hard why not just get to know guys as friends and then let things develope,a lot of guys in the early 20's are into conquests so if you want some one more into committment then perhaps you could be looking for older guy.