Wrong Crowd

ive been single for like ever i had boyfriends at school but nothing serious. and being single has always suited me i like just being with friends or being alone like all girls i like attention but until now ive never wanted to commit to a relationship. the problem is though i have a 'type' of guy that i find attractive usualy indie type slightly geeky shaggy haired interesting guys. BUT

i live in a very small town and these kinds of guys dont realy exist its all about muscle mad tight topped posers who love themselves all my friends love that kind of thing but i dont as friends these guys are ok but i dont find them attractive at all. my girlfriends know that im not into these types of guys but theythink im strange and wont come to bars where the kind of guys i like hang out. i know a few indie guys but there all just friends and because of the type of people i usualy hang around with they assume im that sort of girl.

its a very labelled town and everyone is pigeon holed. which i hate because you should be able to wear what you like listen to what music you like and hang around with who you like its really kind of pathetic. small town life sucks.

but getting back to the guys what do i do? how can i meet someone i like when i never have chance to be around the kind of guy i want to get to know?
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1 Response May 13, 2012

you know i match what u want, kind of. I've never had a relation ship. and small town life dose suck.