Empty Tears & A Broken Heart

NOTE: I have recently found love. I'll just leave this story up will people will know that they're not alone.

Everyone says "Enjoy being single". Well, I'm SICK OF IT! I feel awfully lonely. Whats more intimidating, is that I've never been even liked face to face. Makes me wonder sometimes. I cant give up, cos then its over. But I dont wanna be single anymore. It hurts so bad. Nothing helps. Its starting to affect me mentally. But no, my parents try councill me and says its not serious enough for a therapist. Im slowly emotionally dying, and they cant even help me properly. My brother has a girlfriend, most of my friends do. So many people have met and married in my church. When will it be my turn? Im sick of being passed over. Love is blind, which makes perfect sense why I dont get any. I just want all this awful single and lonely stuff to end before something irreversable happens that damages me.
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

You are a very attractive and strong person. I would like to talk to you sometime. Feel free to add me if you have FB . My username is : Christine Cirelli

Have you ever had one?

Broken heart? Yes.

I was hurt and betrayed recently, and it has ruined my outlook on relationships. But I still have that desire to find that happy ever after. People try to council me too, it just seems like no one understands my loneliness. I did go to therapy, it helped me learn to love myself, which is a huge thing needed for a relationship. It just feels sometime its never going to come for me. I hope things turn around for you!

Thanks. I rerally hope so too.

People tell me the same thing. Well I want to enjoy being together. Just because they may not like it, doesn't mean that I wont.