It Doesn't Get Easier

I thought it would be easier to find someone when older (I'm 51, divorced female). I thought that because there's this big pool of divorced people out there, all supposedly older and wiser now, understanding relationships a lot better than 20 years or so ago when we got married, more flexible, not so hung up on looks and sex, but searching for important things such as shared goals and values, etc., that most of us would be in sync about this stuff, while at the same time able to laugh and have fun while looking. But that's just all wrong. The men are still mostly just looking for sex. And lying. Lying lying lying. The ones who supposedly really are looking for relationships are so unbelievably picky (way WAY worse than women) that they reject everyone and will never find anything. 

And if a woman dares to reject a man for any reason, oh my God, the odds are good he will get completely offended and turn into a psycho-stalker. And it's not just me -- I've heard other women describe similar experiences. These are from online dating sites, BTW. Maybe things are different when you meet people some other way, like through friends or work or whatever. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of opportunities to meet potential dates during my daily routines, though I'm trying to change this.

Anyway, this was a real shock, And I gave online dating a fair chance -- about 6 months altogether. Really frustrating. I feel I'm doomed to be single now for the rest of my life.
Frosting Frosting
51-55, F
May 19, 2012