Perfect Title...sick Of Being Single! Want To Settle Down..

I just happened by this site a couple days ago and have enjoyed reading peoples experiences. 

me, I just turned 41, SWF and very tired of it!  I constantly get told that it's hard to believe I am not taken.  
I look much younger than my age, and it gets to the point that I don't want to tell people I am over 40, for fear of asking me if I still want kids/get married.  it's a sensetive topic for me.  

anyways, I live in NYC.  you would think its an easy place to meet someone but its not!  I am attractive, well education, well traveled, self sufficient, level headed, great family, funny and a great person to have a relationship with.  I am not stuck up in any way and not materialistic like many here.  Honestly, no one is perfect, but really I don't feel like the reason I havent found someone is that there is anything "wrong" with me.

I don't understand how some people who truly want a relationship can't seem to find it.  It is really I don't think I have met the right one yet and really I don't meet many options it seems (I meet married people, some singles but just not ones where it would be a match) but at this point I sometimes get sad and lonely because I want a special connection and a lasting bond with someone.  and a child  (if it is in the cards).  I have seen my friends meet someone and have small kids now, and feel like I don't understand why I havent been so fortunate to find that too.  I have never been desperate, or give off a desperate vibe, but there are days I feel so sad to not have someone to go to sleep with and spend the weekends.  

 I can easily find sex or casual dates,but I really want the right person and companionship, not just endless casual relationships.  

I guess it is nice to vent a little, and just see if any words of wisdom, experience.  while there are many benefits of being single I know, the fact is many of us desire lasting companship, love and romance.  I have been very indepedent, traveled the world, support myself and do many things , but have not encountered the right one at the right time and I am tired of not sharing my love and time with someone special.  :(    


annadanna annadanna
May 21, 2012