There Are Benefits To Being Single, But....

I am 27 years old, a college student who's currently studying Parent Education, with the hopes of starting a Bachelors in Social Work at Arizona State University next fall, who's been told by many people that I have a keen intellect and a good heart, but I've been dumped by all three of the girlfriends, due to what they called a "boring and predictable" lifestyle. I've been single for 3 years, and I have to say that it totally sucks, lol. There are benefits to being single, like not worrying whether or not you're ugly, good in bed, or any other number of faults, but not having a close relationship with another human being is at times overwhelming. I can't seem to find a girl who gets me:(
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I wish you lived in Ny but feel free to add me on FB : Christine Cirelli A Predictable personality is not at all boring. It shows a very thoughtful and strong person. Im 27 and our personalities seem similar from what you describe.

I'm a 22 year old college student. I have never been in an official relationship, EVER. i get so lonely and i have anxiety about myself which is why i was never in one. i used to do drugs and stuff and hang out with scums. i changed my life around recently and am doing really well in school but have not found a decent guy, or he hasn't found me i know how hard it is but you can pull through..just try to be flirty

You soon will don't worry.