Can Anybody Find Me.... Somebody To Love? Where Are You Hiding?

If you are going to make an entrance it might as well be to Queen. I'm 35 and have had a very eventful year. Actually it was more like a tumultuous year. I had a pretty severe injury to my leg and I missed quite a bit of work. My relationship of three years went nuclear. I had to move out of my house. I lost my sweet puppy of 14 years on my birthday.
I mourned my losses and am now in the process of rebuilding a more beautiful life. I'm contemplating accepting a new job and moving to a new city. I m very blessed to have wonderful generous friends who have seen me through so much. But late at night when I start thinking about everything it would be nice to have an arm around me and sweet words about how I made it through the fire.
Is there no one else out there who needs to hear that last goodnite? No one that wants to get the hell out of town this weekend and go jump rocks on a river?
I'm holding onto hope that there is one of you guys out there. Your ex didn't completely destroy you... You aren't one bad move away from a long vacation under state supervision... You have been busy living your life and somehow missed your chance to bump into me at the grocery store... or help me with my flat tire...
Don't fret. I'm right here. And yes sometimes I get way too starry-eyed listening to Motown and sometimes I get impatient when something breaks or when I'm facing something scary. Don't worry. I'm right here. And I've got an amazing hug ready. And it's okay that you want to go hunting this weekend - I love venison spaghetti... And it's okay if you like to make a lot of noise in the garage... I'll drown you out with my horrible banjo skills..
But next weekend let's swing by and spend a few minutes with our families and smile and take silly photos. Then after enjoying the fire we can start back home in the dark and I will get unusually quiet because for a second I remembered my life before you and then I'll reach over and place my hand on your leg and say, "I love you. I am so glad you are here with me."
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4 Responses May 29, 2012

Lola, you are an awesome writer! I know I'm not really addressing the topic at hand, but I can't get over how beautiful your writing is!

Thanks Mulkie... I appreciate the compliment. It was effortless because it came from my heart. It is EXACTLY how I feel. :)

Cool. Very cool!

wow,what a gorgeous heart felt story! you are beautiful and that special man will find you! hugs michelle

That was truly poetic. *Hugs*