I'm So Tired of Being Single

 I'm a 29 year old guy and I am so tired of being single. I guess I should start with I have never had a "steady" or "exclusive" relationship with a girl. I have always had friends that are girls but I have never had a girlfriend. I have always wished to have someone to sit with to talk to or go to eat dinner with and listen to me tell about my day or to hear how her day went. I want someone that I can go to the movies with. Or someone who won't judge me and accept me for who I really am.

I really, really long to have someone in my life and am tired of hearing other girls saying about their boyfriends and husbands and not having anyone that I can say about.

But I guess it don't help if you are also the type of guy who is scared to ask a girl on a date.

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I know what you meen. I have been single now for a munth after going out for 2 munths with a woman she dumpt me a munth ago. according to her she didn't like it that I had no ambition or goals in my life or want to do anything in my life. o yes and I am also clingy. well add to this that I am a blind guy who doesn't work, has no car since I don't drive and I live in a small town. I am 5 6 tall and way 245 lbs am a non smoker, don't have kids and like to go out for walks and kiss and cuddle and go out to the movies. well I just want to find a girl who I can have a ltr with me for a long time leading to marriage and kids. the types of ladies I am atractid to are ladies who are bbw's and straight or who have accents. I am not looking to date any one with kids or who is a smoker or drinks a lot. I just want to get married and have kids but can't seem to have a long term relationship for more then a few munths. the longest relationship I had was back in highschool and that was over 10 years ago. I am a good guy who has a lot of love to offer the right woman. I just wish I could find them.

duh! am too tired of being single , i need a girl who can value me

Are you creative? That's all you need! Creativity. Once I took a girl on a date to eat cereal! (Hear me out.) we bought Cap'n Crunch. Milk. And went to her house. At first to her it seemed like we were just hanging out. I was ugly. Fat. Some people even called me a weird ***. She? She was that new girl every guy wanted but she felt only guys could be her friends and I was practically the only guy who didn't see her as a toy. We ate cereal and I told her to be the captain of my crunch. Although it was a joke. We argued about which cereal is best and started dating. Ever since, I found creative ways to get a girl, and find creative ways to keep them. Hasn't failed me yet.

many girls told me : "you are a great guy" "you'll sure find some one" "you'll be the perfect boyfriend"
yet, I'm single... can anyone tell me why? i mean i'm respectfull, funny, and kind and i've never had a girlfriend.
i want to get marry and have kids one day but it seems to be only a foolish dream

What if you are not a shy type of person and have asked multiple women out. To only get shot down with an answer of. Sorry not interested or , your just not my type. It seems like all of the women that I would be interested in. Are not interested in me, or just want to be friends, and the women that I am not interested in. Are interested in me. Women that are not in shape, I have no chemistry with what so ever with them and those that are about 15-20 years older than me. I am 30 years old. Why is that all of the women 40 on up find me appealing, but I can't seemed to get the attention of a girl around my own age, or younger?j

If you were going to get a terminal illness tomorrow, would you still care about asking out a woman? **** no you wouldn't worry. I'm 29 too and have been rejected probably more times than is reasonable, but some women were more than glad to go out. Just live in the moment, not in these ideas about romanticism or long term relationships. Let things play out naturally. Women are literally aching to go out with guys who have a sense of adventure, all over this planet.

I know the feeling. I'm 31and still looking for a real lasting relationship with a honest man...seems impossible to find!

I feel you bro I'm the same way. I feel ashamed of myself.

U really have to relax. Have fun until you find someone special. People can smell deperation a mile away. Take things light.

Go away. You haven't the slightest idea what we're talking about here. If you did, you would know that it's a paradox. One cannot have fun when one is depressed due to not being hopelessly single. To become un-depressed would require a mutual love interest which would require a non-depressed state which can only be remedied by... you get the idea.

Just imagine being 48 (me) and never married. Ugh.

Just imagine being 48 (me) and miserable being married for 18 years (knowing you settled for "this is the best I could get"). Ugh.

Why did you settle?

I was 30 years old. I had no luck up to that point and I thought it really was the best I could get. The choice between being alone and miserable (something I had experience with) vs being with her and miserable (I kind of knew I would be but wouldn't admit it to myself at the time) were the choices I thought I had.

i rlly do feel u...i know its sucha terriblefeeling everyones always like how cme ur single n all my guy frnds think im hot pretty fashionable great personality funny n all tht stuff...lots of guys r into me bt i dont know its either they back off after a while or im nt into them and i am soooooo sick n tired of beng single..i srsly feel like im gna settle fr the nxt guy who asks me even if im nt interested...im nt even looking fr sthn special all i want is someone to be with i dnt want someone to lsn to my problems or be oh so romantic or someone wholl surprise me or any of tht ****...all i want is someone to be with! is tht to much to ask for

You're a teenager. Give it time! Lots of teenagers have really screwed up values about what's important in a friend or person they might date. Just become the best version of you possible and you will attract others when the time is right.

I'm 17 and I'm the exact same way as you guys. I can talk to girls that I only think of as friends but when it comes to the girl I have à crush on it's an entirely different story. I think that you have to focus on being just a friend at first and you can then try to get a little bit more intimate as time goes by.

I'm also a 29 year old guy and I really believe it all depends in what stage you are in life and if you are ready. As years go by in adulthood, I think you will have a better idea of who you are and what you want to do in life. Maybe you are just focused on taking care of yourself like working a job to earn money for necessities, you have school or your trying to build your career in the occupation you chose or maybe you are just not happy with the way you look because you are overweight and you want to lose weight by working out. All of that can make you very busy and make you not ready for a real love relationship with a girl. That's my two cents.

you are not alone....i feel that way too......

OMG you are like the male version of me. When I see guys that I am attracted to I am afraid to make the first move because of the fear of rejection

I understand how you feel...haven't really had a real relationship with a guy myself and I'm 28. I know it gets frustrating...maybe this will make you laugh and give you something to relate to: http://tiny.cc/LtfWG