When Did It Happen ? :oooo

I'll be honest over the years growing up I didn't think being in a relationship with someone was the way to go until I was out of high school but it didn't happen that way. About a year ago I ended up meeting this really great girl and didn't realize how really alone I felt at the time, until I had someone to be with and care about other then my self it was a whole different ball game.
My relationship did end in the long run for other reasons but I always ended up in a search for the right woman afterwords, once I knew what I wanted it was as if I had found a missing link to part of my life and it changed me in so many ways. I couldn't stand to be on my own anymore in a crowded room full of people on new years even who may of had someone cause I was alone, meaning less sex didn't even become fun at all no more and believe it or not you can become tired of it.
I just wish for once women wouldn't judge me until they get to know me or place me in some stupid friend zone list just cause they may get the wrong idea about who I am. I'm a very open minded person, I am kind, loyal, faithful, funny, sometimes wild maybe but that's cause I am a free spirit. I am sick of being single I have been for a year now and its way too long I have tried online dating, blind dates you name it and I have put my standards up a lot cause I knew if I didn't I wouldn't get the right woman I was looking for at all. The truth is I am my self nothing more and women don't seem to be at all interested in me its like they see one part of me and think it defines everything that I am as a person and get scared off.
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wait...till you find your soul mate