Getting To Darn Old

Its plaguing me to be turning 30 this year.. in my prime, beautiful, fertile, Intelligent and yet husband-less, sexless, and lets not forget homeless.. Needless to say, I should be focused on stability and not the fact that i'm single.. Yet and still who doesn't want to be treated special and adored like a woman should be? Its only natural to want a man to hold you tight all through the night.. i'm not trying to whine, I just want to slow wine.. settle down, raise our family and live..
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This story was posted some years ago. I hope meanwhile you found your husband who makes me jealous, he sure is the luckiest guy on earth.

Come and visit Daddy, he will share his house and his bed with you. Daddy loves his submissive little girl :)

I understand how someone could feel lonely from time to time. Many people make the mistake of accepting anyone into their life in order to combat that loneliness, been there, done that. Based on your age, you definitely still have time to meet someone whom is a wonderful match for you and raise a family. That does not combat the loneliness that you may be experience at the moment, yet is definitely is worth the wait.

Do not lower your standards, and all the best to you!

Thank you... you encourage me so much to continue being patient

Absolutely my pleasure, young lady.

Take care!


It is just so hard to be patient

I just wanted to say sorry if it comes up flaged on what you sed I have problems with my phone

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Hello mam I am 34 years old and single and I want a family to please write me back

Although I am a man, I feel exactly like you do. I am turning 32 this year, and the thought that what I have dreamed about since high school might never happen to me is getting me down big time. However, I'm still hoping for you, that your special guy may come before you know it!

thank you

Oh finally a 30 year old woman that shares my pain I'm 28 barely holding a job living in a crappy appartment single and a lesbian. By the way you can come live with me the only people I have visit are my sisters and girls who I meet at the bar.

I do know how you feel to be alone. I always want a child. I always dream of having a girl.

It has ben my dream to one day be a dad