I Don't Understand...

I don't see myself as a bad looking guy, and I am extremely respectful to women... and I've been single for about 8 years now.

So what am I doing wrong?...

Is it because I'm too picky? Do I have to be one of those people who has to pick a random ***** out of some club? Is it because I don't get out enough? work too much? Live in a crappy state where everyone you know and beyond is taken and happy about it?

If I try at all, then apparently I try too hard. If I don't try at all, then I'm not trying hard enough! If I'm subtle and don't even care, then I get trapped in the fabled "friend zone".

I quit love. Apparently I suck at it.
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You are only young and I am sure it will happen. I am in the same position but I was married for 23 years and we called the quits but that is the past and I have moved on from her. The problem is now there is no one in my life, my friends say I am to picky. Do I have to settle for the club scene where you can drag just about anything home, the respectful ones dont go there.I was dating a Beautiful woman last year and all off a sudden she ended it for no reason and I cant get her out off my mind. Yes when you try to hard you get dumped and when you dont try hard enough people say we are just jiggilos. So what are we supposed to do, sit and wait for the love off our lives to suddenly appear. Confussed and tired off it all.

i hope everything has changed!

NEVER hit on girls in bars/clubs.<br />
NEVER ask more than once.<br />
NEVER kiss on the first date.<br />
Learn how to plan a real date, tell her what to expect, be sincere, don't over-compliment, but be sure to tell her you had a good time.<br />
<br />
If you just can't get a date in the first place... stop trying - what's meant to be will be.

well thats not giving him much hope... stop trying.. dont go to bars and clubs.. thats where people his age meet...
people dont meet at coffee shops anymore and no one has a relationship at work unless its just sex... if guys followed ur rules i doubt anyone would ever be able to get a good date..

Maybe it's all in location... I'm just looking in the wrong place, and don't know where to look.

maybe it all depends on what it is you're looking for?...

Oh, of course not! I barely use the word...<br />
What ever it is I'm not doing right dosen't involve disrespectful terminiology and generalization of women.

just a small tip. i'd try not calling any woman a *****. it's a turn off for i'd say about 98% of the female population.