I'm Really Sick And Tired Of Being Single

I'm really starting to get tired and sick of being single. Ive been single basically my whole life and im starting to lose hope of finding the one. Every time I like a guy and try to gain the courage to tell them how I feel I always get rejected. I don't know why but its really getting old because I don't think my heart can take it any longer. I feel like giving up on love because every time I like someone 99.999% of the time I get rejected. I feel like I'm being punished or something since I haven't found a guy left and I know if I do be with a guy I would be a great girlfriend to them. I mean I'm a pretty loyal person and would never cheat on a guy since that is wrong and I don't want to hurt the person I'm madly in love with. I just hope one day I won't be single anymore.
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Well even for us Good men out there that really wanted to get married to have a family which it really sucks for us too since it really does take two too Tangle which it is very sad for us since still Not being married does Hurt very much now. Since the times today are totally different than years ago which it Definitely would have made it much Easier for us had we been born many years Earlier which many of us by now really could have been married with our own family today since many of us are really Not single by choice.

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I know what you go through I say things like there isn't a girl in the whole u.s that will be my gf I guess that might not be true maybe you can it's just very rare like 1 out of a million.

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I know how it feels... It seems every single time I have a chance with a girl, someone else swoops in and any chance I have is ruined. It happens every time and quite frankly, I'm discouraged... I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, why I'm not good enough, why everyone else is somehow better..

I think one of the things that is holding me back is not showing the love that I want. A friend and her fiance have recently come into my life, and they do so much for people everywhere.. that's why I've kinda fallen for her. :-/ So, I know what I need to do now.

...you are pretty, how come you're single !!!

hey plz don't give up
maybe your time is coming

Love is over rated period. Books and movies of woman having batty eyes and fluttery hearts living together forever never never happens. Forget Love overated and always ends in tragedy. Romeo and Juliet. THE KEY IS Laughter! It is and always will be the key to the soul. Yep skip the heat and go for the soul. Marriage is a ring around a finger that says ownership. When in reality it is two individual people coming together to stay individuals not one. For me no more marriage, no ring, no in the eyes of God as they say. The reality is to be oneself. To enhance ones lives by sharing your individuality with another. To laugh. If each of us cannot make each other laugh then we are doomed. Love is a one way street. Laughter is a four way highway. Exciting and new every time you ride it. Find me a woman who can make me laugh and likes to wear pantyhose and I am all in. Adore and cherish. And I can make her laugh. Is she out there? Who knows.

me too, tired of being a 6ft9 white man single... Seeking long term with a black woman

We should talk I have been single forever and I think lately my results are a little better when I stopped looking for ms right and just let things happen naturally without force

Stay true to yourself.

I will be your boyfriend.

I agree. I to am tyard of beaing single. the longest relationship I have had was back in highschool and that was over 10 years ago. I am31 now and I am still single. shure I have dated women since highschool but I can not seem to manage to keep a relationship together for more then a few munths. eather they dump me witch was the case of the last relationship I was in or I brake it off with them. distince is another problem. I am blind and I don't drive so location is kindof important in trying to find some one. right now I live in a very small town of a little over 5000 people and so far having been hear for almost 10 years I have not found any one who is willing to date me and have a relationship with me. I thought of moving but I have no idea where I would go or anything. I have tried the on line dating seen and that hasn't worked I also have tried phone dating and again have gotten no wair. I am not working so I have no way of meeting women. I have tried joining a cooking class but most of the women there are in relationships all ready. I am just tyard of beaing single and not married or have kids. I just whent to a friends wedding a week after getting dumpt by my x gf and it sucked since it just reminded me about how mutch my life sucks since I am single. the other problem is that I am not willing to date any one who has kids since I don't want to be stuck rasing other peoples kids. I would love to find a young or older women who wants kids and who is single and straight and monogamous a very tall order it seems in this day and age. I just don't want to be single for the rest of my life. all my friends are in relationships and or are getting married and even my sister has been married for over 10 years now and all her friends are married and have kids. I am just tyard of beaing the one who is constantly single.

Don't focus so much on getting a partner...there is always a right time...If you stress so much on getting a partner, you might get one, and then be very disappointed...you will meet someone that will connect with you, from there you can build a relationship that can last.
you are a beautiful woman, any man would be lucky to have you...so maybe none that is deserving has come along...so be patient and hope that man is out there, just around the corner...=)

Hi, Slw... Yep, I agree, being single is pretty hard. You've been single your whole life, basically? I feel like that's true for me. It's been ... years... since I've had anyone. Perhaps we can message back and forth and talk a little bit? Would love to get to know you. Thank you!

You haven't meet me yet, that's the problem. Add me and lets talk.

Please contact me, let us see if we can work something out. You will not be rejected

I find myself here from time to time. I'm coming from the opposite direction as one that has been with someone for most of my life (minus childhood, obviously). After the abuse, the broken-hearts, and actually finding my "soulmate" (only to lose her), I'm not so inclined to jump back in anymore! Yet, sometimes, I ache for that other half.

The solution? Focus on the other things going on in my life. One benefit of not going through the up-and-down emotional roller-coaster of one relationship after another is that my life is better than ever. I'm accomplishing things I never could before, realizing horizons that I never knew existed, and building a network of friends bigger than I have ever had...all because I'm not focused on one individual.

Not minimizing your feeling. Just trying to shift your focus and lift your chin a bit. :-)

This is pretty much my situation to the T, obviously substituting certain terms for their male/female counterparts. Moreover I get frustrated by friends and family dishing out the usual platitudes the likes of "It'll come when you're not looking", or "You're still young", or the ever-helpful "Just put yourself out there and be yourself". Because obviously I'm a perpetual shut-in that acts like a lunatic or a weirdo every time I'm around someone of the opposite sex. Thanks friends/family.

It gets so annoying when people say that. And also when people say "there's a lot of fish in the sea" whenever things go wrong with someone I liked and tried to talk to.

Oh lord there's so many irritating things people say, and that's one of them. I also like the "You need to have confidence" after enduring endlessly being shot down. Irony.

Yes it is really irritating. But I guess people are trying their best to help even though sometimes it's not that helpful.

cant add u :/

Believe me I kbow the feeling. Ive been single for a year in a half now. Would you care to add me and we can talk more privately ob this?

If you are a good woman then rejection may be a good thing as those men were not right for you. You are young so dont let your standards slip. If you are comfortable being single then you avoid being trapped in a bad relationship. Seems this is good news for you, patience. I have been divorced 2 yrs, and very comfortable single so I avoid the wrong women... though... yes, it is not always easy!

I'm pretty much going through the same thing my friend. I don't even approach women anymore because she will just reject me anyway. You are still young and pretty, so there is still time for you to find someone.

This 70 yr young married DOM would like to offer his companionship but I suppose I am no use to you.

life is an art . First stop thinking so much being single or not and focus on what is the flow in your life and be aware of it. Many times interesting things follow with it.


My friend, you are an attractive young lady. Do not despair. You definitely have plenty of time to find yourself a man that is perfectly suited for you. Someone who will love you and treat you like his princess.

Show your pretty smile, be confident, and you will discover your love.

Take care


Well lets start with your age if i may cause i am unfortunately in the same boat as you, i am currently 19 so if your interested, well see how it goes

I know how you feel. I know there is someone out there for you, and he will come when the time is right :)