Missing Out

I am so sick of being single. I've never been on more than 2 dates with the same guy and I haven't been asked out in over a year. I've been told I'm too picky, not flirty enough, just need to get out more, blah blah blah. But the reality is not any of these things - and I know it. I know the reason I'm still single is because I'm not tall or beautiful.

People I know chalk all this bad luck of mine up to the fact that I'm too into my job or the fact that they all think I'm just a "good girl". I hate this perception but am unsure of how to change it short of becoming an exotic dancer (which  I don't have enough confidence to do).

*end of rant*

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3 Responses Jul 8, 2008

there are even tall and beautiful women that are single because they can not get a man....Beauty doesn't help any...just makes you an sex ob<x>ject.

Hi I have a homework activity for you:<br><br />
<br><br />
Go and sit in a crowded cafe one weekend and do some people watching. With your notepad and pen - make a tick everytime you see a couple where the women is .....petite and average looking.<br><br />
<br><br />
You will soon find that women of all shapes and sizes have a partner.<br><br />
<br><br />
Remember, there is always someone out there who will love the you that you love.<br />
<br />
Good luck from a fellow non tall/non supermodel good girl who has a wonderful boyfriend.

Hang in there. I'm 29 and single. I'm considered as the "good girl" too and truly believe good girls finish last!