Im 30 And Tottaly Sick Of Being Single

I'm one of these nice guys you always hear about, sure I'm a bit bitter and jaded and kind of a sarcastic ***** but really who is not at this age I just want to meet a really nice girl that shares the same interests as me. I seem to have two problems in the love department 1) I have a hard time finding someone that share my interests and that don't bore me to death, and 20 when I do find a nice girl they say i live too far away this ha happened a few times the two most significant of which have been in the last 2 yrs. girl one beautiful fit blond from Ottawa works in human resources she was really hot and was attracted to me we dated for a bit she tells me that I'm mean I tell her I just have a dark and dry scene of humor (turns out her hole I'm mean thing was just her excuse to tell me cause she was actually starting to fall for me what the sweet merciful **** ) anyway we got back together a second time everything was going smooth then its that I live to far away and she cant trust me ( again the Cant trust me part was just her excuse she did not even believe that.) anyway so she brakes up with me but we still talk on occasion then one Canada day 2 yrs ago I'm in Ottawa and me being the dumb *** I am never though to book a hotel and the princess and princess of God damn England where in town but I digress I had been chatting with her via text all night she tells me her sister and Brother in law where away so I could stay at her place so me and my buddy go over there and she makes the spare room for him I sleep in her room with her she tells me she had broken up with her guy so we hook up the next morning she tells me she and he where just fighting and that she felt terrible cause he never actually broke up with him, I have not talked to her in a while needless to say, That brings us to last Christmas well in around this time anyway I have a staff party and meet a great girl she likes Zombies and comic book and hard music kind of cuties at the same time and her and I hangout and hook up and you know starting to start something well she gets accepted to a Prominent University in Kingston Ontario Rather far from me here in Petawawa she say to me I don't think with this distance we can be more than friends well **** my Life.
SleeplessinPetawawa SleeplessinPetawawa
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i no,i no... who the **** wood love a gi like u, who can barely rite