I am 17, turning 18 in a month, and have been single all my life. Some of you might say I am too young to worry about relationships, but I have longing for someone to be by my side for quite some time. Sadly my standards may be a bit too high. Now I have embraced the single life for a while but recently I have been a feeling pretty empty. Im not looking on this website, but it would be lovely if I met someone on here. Hahaha...
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@stlmo8 Don't worry I am not desperate. I am just someone who does not enjoy the single life too much, but I am definitely willing to wait. Too many immature people and jerks my age.

At 17, of COURSE you've been single all your life. How many people your age HAVE been married? That's what SINGLE means: not married - not "without boyfriend."

That being said, most boys your age aren't worth the time/effort. Girls are, for the most part, more mature at your age. The best thing you can do right now is not worry about it; people can smell Needy or Desperate a mile away and you'll either scare people off or attract jerks who will try to take advantage of the situation. The best thing you can do - even for the next few years - is to work on becoming the best you possible and get your education.

I have been told that I am more mature than most guys my age.

Most girls ARE at your age. That's a big part of my point up there! There's plenty for you to do while the guys are slowly catching up.