I am 18 years old, and i always seem to like guys that are much older then me. However i do not feel my age I act as if I am older. Anyway I like a family friend he 30 I think, point being he is to old for me and probly dosnt even know I exist. We talk on facebook sometimes but its never anything big. What should i do
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Add this older man and let's talk. I can help.

Start to talk about sex with him. Ask him how big he is

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Talk to me x

Get in touch with me! We have lots in common xxx

You have a lot of time to find a person that fits you. Don't be in such a rush! I f your mature find someone older 24 or 25, that way you will have more in common. if you just wanna hang out and **** then look toward the 40s 50s and they will show you things you never new existed.

tell him you want to slide up and down his pole

you have a great body. I'm sure he knows you exists and probably thinks you're hot as well, but also probably thinks that everyone else would think its inappropriate. If you're interested, you should say something to him flirty online, or wear skimpy clothes around him i think :)

am 62

He definitely knows you exist but he knows he should not be thinking the way he does about you, especially if he has known you as you have grown into the lovely little lady you are now

Im 36 n id love to spend time with u

why its not an issue if your younger my gf is 21 years old and were having fun and you know what is important the man can give you full satisfaction and all.

you should come to my house and bang me he still has a lot to learn ,,cut the chase and get with an expert right off, get treated like a queen and screwd like a **** star

why? WHY? why so many girls want to start a relationship with an older guy? is it so bad to date with someone of your age? serausly, on my experience girls who got charmed by an older guy end pregnant, then get married and their husban abuse of them, hope you case is different

take a chance see what happens ?

Most older guys privately fantasize about younger women. So be real with him...maybe he'll give U all that U dream of & more ;)

Just let him know your feelings. I bet he has a thing for you as well.

But... aren't you going off to college? Unless you're staying in town for school, what would be the point of starting up something with his guy?

Realistically... he might like you. He might be attracted (lust) to you. But chances are not really good that he would see himself in a relationship with someone your age; there's a big maturity difference between 18 and 30 (it would be more so if it were an 18 y/o male with 30 y/o female). If you want to see, ask him to meet you at a coffee shop and see how it goes - a brief meeting is easier no matter what age you are when you're testing out a potential, new relationship.

Tell him you would like to go out for coffee or a bite to eat etc. Make your move. Take it slow. See how he reacts. Communicating is the key to unlocking everything.

So many people expect their significant other to read their minds or pic up on all the signals then get mad when they don't it is the same for others people especially for an older guy like that who is a family friend. You just might have to tell him if you want it to go anywhere. Put the choice into his ball park. Let him decide. Keep the chatting going on facebook then move it along to where you want it to go.

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Go for it. Otherwise it is just opportunity lost. I suspect he knows you exist and worries you will find him too old. Once the two of you get age out of the way then it will be about how well you get along; not just sexually but in all ways - just like any other couple.

*** **** this man i am 40 yrs and love 18 plus

you are worrying to much about the age of a guy you say you attracted to older guys so stop worrying about the age whats important is that the guy right for you not there age so look at the person not there age then you find the person for you

i will tell u this is how i see things-if u r both consenting adults an like each hell with what anybody else thinks it's what makes u happy.thats it

he is just in stupid age , try someone 40-50 yo :)

Hes 30

You know when he is 30 , he doesn't know what he wants in life with regards to women .

just keep talking to him. See how it develops. Let it happen naturally. There's no rush.

Thats what i have been doing for five months now. Do you think the age gap is to large though

age is large if you like him too much tell him see the reaction ..because you cant hang in there for you whole life just see does he like you or not?

Thats true. I dont know how i would even tell him though.

just type a msg i love you or i like you and send him the mail ...

Thats kinda blunt dont you think

well when you are chatting to him then tell him or tell him when you are having a conversation ... its not that hard if you have problem so i could tell him for u if u want

Ill tell him next time i see him or at least try and hint at it

well you should and if you need any help so ask me freely

Ok thanks

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