I Need Love

I really want to know what's wrong with me . Any other time I love being single , but lately I've been feeling Lonely and wish I had someone to hold
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Hey don't be so depressed.

This happened with me as well & I can completely understand.
Have you heard about Mystarmodel.com ? I got my perfect match from there. :)

Hope you'll find someone special for you also.
All the best.

same here it sux

I think its in the air. I been seperated for 2 yrs and lately iv been really depressed and lonely to wanting someone to just hold me and show that they really care. But if u think about it, it is better being alone. You dont have to fight with anyone. You can just get up in go as u please. I was in a 15yr relationship and ya it gets lonely at times but that is why you get friends with benefits and just have them hold you for a nite here and there.

I know the feeling, I been single for almost two years now but recently I just feel lonely as well.

Yea , I wanna feel loved , I've never been in any long term relationship , I think I'm ugly or something

No one is ugly girl, i like think that the right one will come in the right time.

Yea , I hope so ' .

You're not ugly at all. Nothing is wrong with you. Waiting for the right one is worth it. Someone that will appreciate you for just being you. What I'm saying may not help the way you're feeling now. Just know that you will find someone or better yet, someone will be lucky enough to find you. Give it a little time.

well, every woman should feel beautiful. but I know the feeling and you feel. I have been single for almost 3 years now and start feeling lonely as well.

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