I Despise Those Dating Site Adds

you see them i know you do , there everywhere.... They show the most attractive people you have seen and state there single and looking for you...

Really know ? this very attractive woman is looking for me ??? Where are you or rather where have you been ???

Pfft please , its a little known statistic , 95 % of every person you meet has some form of baggage , disability , mental disorder , issue that happened in the past that ****** them up for life.

That means that 5% of those you meet are a Clean Slate ... WOW !!!

me i have a little baggage , been treated horribly by women , i know it , and i know how to deal with it ....

but where is My Mostly Clean Slate ... Woman ? id like her to be Attractive , Smart , Independent without distancing herself from a close relationship , Affectionate , Sexy .... the kind of woman that ive heard referred to as a Lady in the Street and a Freak in the Sheets..

Does she Exist ?

cyrus1469 cyrus1469
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Just your luck, she wont be in the 5%, hah!

Oh i know , but thanx for the optimism.