Why Do Women Say They Want A Nice Guy , But Really Dont ???

ive heard women say they want a Nice Guy , but do they ?

Do they really ?

ive met women that say there tired of the Bad Boys and that there looking for a Nice Guy but when getting to know them or dating them they freak out and ruin what might have been the start of something great !!

im what i call a Nice Guy , my friends confirm this and tell me not to change a thing , that a woman is out there looking for exactly me....

I Treat the women in my life with Respect , i treasure them and show them affection , i am extremely monogamous , i do not have wandering eyes , i do not flirt with other women when im dating or in a relationship. I have a Good Job. Im attractive , i admit i need to lose around 20 lbs and need to get back into the gym , my own self image of who i was demands i get back into shape. I wish to have a Relationship where its equal , where im her King , shes my Queen and we together equally rule over our world.

Im not picky , im easy to get along with.

but alas i find myself single over and over , i know im worthy of finding and having a loving long lasting , healthy relationship.

im looking for a woman that wants me, loves me, and wants a life with me, yet only find those women that seem to further mess with my heart. Ding my self esteem , my confidence.

yet i fear the statement Nice Guys finish last might be true !!

Do i need to be a little more of a Bad Boy ? i mean outside of the bedroom because im anything but a dull boy in that domain.. Im a bit Naughty.

but i digress , Women Why do you say you want a Nice Guy ?

What exactly is it your Looking for ?
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I agree with your friends, Don't change. If you become a bad boy, you really wont like what you find out there. I think "we" women end up dating jerks, thinking we can change them, make them nice guys. On paper, its easier than finding a truly nice guy (of course, it seems to rarely, if ever work out). I don't think any of what I said is very encouraging, but keep hope! We ladies go through the same issues with guys, but when you see a happy couple, try focusing on how you appreciate what they have, and know the same is out there for you.

I myself have never been attracted to the bad boy, in fact, I thought I was getting a good boy. Be advised that just because someone does not tell you anything that there is nothing to tell. I was young at the time, didn't know any better. I am sure you will find the woman you are looking for. Woman in thier forties usually can spot the difference between good and bad boys pretty easily, and most have been burnt by the bad boys. Good luck

Question ...

Ive been saving my VA Loan from when i was in the Army all these years looking for a woman to share in the joy of picking out and buying a home together.

Should i try to save it for when i find someone ?

or should i lose that option and buy my own house now ?

You only go round once...why deny yourself a home because you are single? You can have the joy of choosing and buying your own home.