It's Getting Boring.

Right so im 16? and? i want a relationship, ive had one serious one and that was long distance and cannot do that again. I want someone there who i can phon at they will be at my door. i cannot stand dating sites even though i do look on them. All my friends have someone and I'm just like oh. It's prom and i a rate loner for that. I don't think im that bad looking but i guess people see differently and judge you and pretty much everyone knows my family and my past so i bet that scares people away. I'm always bi but i dare not to bring a girl home, or tell my friends i have a girlfriend. I just want a boyfriend for now. But it sucks being single and im with this group 100%

I hate being single.
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Seriously , dont focus on why you dont have a boy in your life, take life slow , learn , grow up at a normal pace and dont rush it. Try to get your life going in the right direction and get a career path.

Your looking at life at 16 like things need to happen now , and your young enough to have everything you could dream of , if you take the steps to make sure you can take care of #1 first (yourself).

My daughter is 18 and thank god i was blessed with a woman whom listened to her parents. Shes in no rush to get married, have a baby or even have a serious relationship.

She wants to finish her education , get a degree and be able to stand on her own 2 feet.

Boys at your age are just that boys , girls at your age are young women blossoming into Woman hood. You have so much potential , take life one day at a time , You Only Live Once !!

If you head my words, you will find yourself able to handle anything life throws your way, if later on in life you find yourself a single parent , instead of freaking out on how can i take care of my child , you will have that career in place and be just fine.

Best advice i can give is above and follows with , Do not settle for second best , You deserve whats best for you!!

best of luck and i hope i helped.

You're sixteen years old. Focus on school before you jump to dating.